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I am an architect of organization who loves beauty in all its manifestations, and for you, for your wedding, I demand only perfection

"Magical night

A fantastic night prepared by a fantastic organization."


Caterina planned the most incredible three days of my life, starting from our intimate rehearsal dinner in a private villa, to a welcome party in a hotel, to having the most beautiful wedding in the world.

Every detail was thoughtful and incredibly tasteful. She and her team went above and beyond. We are so grateful!!!


A friend introduced us to Caterina, who from there on guided us, from afar (we live in New York), in organizing my daughter's wedding.

Caterina transformed the moodboard into an extraordinary celebration and with her staff of top-notch professionals did everything to ensure the event ran smoothly.

I highly recommend Caterina and her studio to anyone who wants to have, in my daughter's words, "the best day of my life" peacefully.

Susanna Mancini


wedding day

It is the attention to detail, the refinement of ideas and the artistry of event execution that make Caterina Lostia's wedding moments worth remembering.

Being a wedding planner is a vocation for me and my team: every couple deserves a unique wedding, which is why we propose novel and original concepts to celebrate such a significant event.

During Caterina Lostia's weddings all the senses are stimulated in a dance that combines to perfection the aesthetics of the location and the materiality of the decorations. Sounds, scents and flavors from gourmet menus will make the event enchanting.

Wedding table setting
Wedding table with colorful flowers and colorful glasses

The location

What atmosphere do you envisage for your important day? Which wedding venue best represents your idea of a celebration? Caterina Lostia Wedding & Event Producer offers you a team of experts ready to support you in choosing the perfect location for a wedding in Italy or abroad.

We have enough experience to understand after the first meeting the style of the venue you want, how you want it decorated and what atmosphere you want your guests to breathe. With Caterina Lostia and her team, the culture, history, and spirit of the place you choose for your ceremony are the points around which the set-up, decorations, lighting, and style of the event revolves.

Wedding day

planning a wedding

Beauty for us means being able to interpret our clients' desires and go beyond their expectations. Our desire is to amaze with delicacy, with elements of timeless elegance capable of inspiring emotions.

All of our styling choices, as well as the gourmet and musical offerings are anthems to the love of the couple in front of us, but they are also celebrations of the beauty of the location hosting the event.

The concepts around which the customization of the event revolves are uniqueness, delicacy, and sophistication.

Bride and groom kissing is a gazebo
Wedding Planner

Caterina Lostia's method

Our goal is to organize weddings that are both a celebration of love and a sensory experience

The Caterina Lostia method of luxury wedding planning is simple and based on practicality, organizational and interpretive skills. Our wedding planners always meet face to face with the future couples: a meeting in which every element plays an important role, so much so that, in order to better understand the style and ideas of the future bride and groom, we prefer to get to know you in the places to which you are most attached and in which you feel most comfortable. In this way we are able to capture who you are, what makes you special and what your desires are for your wedding day. This is where the real creative and organizational work begins, in which the entire Caterina Lostia team (consisting of event coordinator, floral designers, catering and food designers, sommelier, and destination specialist) collaborates to bring the idea to life.

Every detail is studied, elaborated and set up to perfection: our weddings are celebrations of the five senses, stimulated through unexpected emotional pairings.

As wedding coordinators, we are present throughout the celebration-our work ends the moment the last guest leaves the party. How come? Not only to make sure you experience a perfect day, but also because this is not just a job for us: it is a passion, an ongoing challenge.

Portfolio weddings

Our weddings

Your wishes are our goals: a good wedding planner knows how to plan a unique wedding with unexpected details and atmospheres worth remembering.

Find out what weddings we have planned and get inspiration.

Jasmin & Kriss

"A unique emotion and day."

Kate & Nicolas

"Caterina created a perfect marriage for us."

Gabriella & Franco

"Professionalism and a lot of empathy."

Pauline & Oliver

"An unforgettable moment: everything perfect."

Katrina & Jay

"Caterina was unique and very good."

Alexandra & Samuel

"A unique experience."
How we work

Method of operation

We assure you the constant presence of one of our experts who will follow the conception, planning and implementation of the entire event.
In particular, we will be by your side during:

Preliminary inspection

By getting to know you in person we will be able to capture the nuances of your character, what you really want for your big day, and together we will visit the location of your dreams.


Moodboard and design

We create a moodboard that summarizes our design proposals for every moment of the ceremony: from the aperitif to the cutting of the cake.



Everything will be done with extreme attention to detail, every moment must be absolutely perfect: we will coordinate styling and set-up.


Coordination of all suppliers

We will be the ones to coordinate the vendors and make sure your timing and expectations are met. Set-up, floral decorations, lighting, equipment, catering, customization.


Supply of flowers and gifts

To personalize your wedding, we employ experienced stylists who will decorate ceremony and celebration locations and also conduct ad hoc photo shoots. It's the details that make the difference, and we know it.


Realization of the day's schedule

To make sure everything is perfect, we draw up a schedule of the day's timelines. A plethora of attention that emphasizes the quality and reliability of the Caterina Lostia team.

Our weddings

What kind of weddings we can arrange

Newlyweds in a gondola in Venice

Wedding planning by location

Celebrating your wedding in an unexpected location, Caterina Lostia's team has breathtaking villas, farmhouses,and resorts to offer you.

Flowers and chairs for wedding setup

Theme Weddings Organization

We help you plan a ceremony whose Fil Rouge will surprise your guests and create a unique atmosphere.

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We walk you through the process of finding the perfect venue, theme, and all the characterizing elements, ensuring that your party goes off in the most exciting way possible.