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Having a strategy and a concrete idea in mind is the only way to make your mark, and we help you do it



Knowing how to visually interpret an idea, a brand, a product, a location and organize a photo shoot that enhances it is our job. Caterina Lostia and her team of experienced stylists can assist you by coordinating a professional photo shoot, creating a visual campaign for products and brands.

Our styling and art director service is an excellence in the industry: on the one hand we offer our personal experience in the world of visual merchandising, and on the other hand we collaborate with professionals of the highest level.

Through our Styling Design service we identify your ideal client and organize a shooting campaign with the sole purpose of capturing attention.


Styling by Location

We have a range of partners, suppliers, and established photographers working to revamp your image while respecting your aspirations and philosophy.

We can enrich your portfolio with professional, cover-worthy images in which every element of photography plays a prominent role. Our goal is to provide you with an appealing portfolio, suitable for an international audience, intrigued by your submissions.

We will select the most suitable photographer for the project and together we will assess the needs, define a strategy and timing of styling by location. At a later stage, we will select the suppliers and items needed for the styling of the photo shoot and be present throughout the shoot to coordinate operations and make sure everything is perfect.


Styled Photoshoot

A styled photoshoot done properly is a business card with great powers. It is a photoshoot that revolves around a well-defined project, with experienced photographers, stylists and video-makers who, coordinated by Caterina Lostia, work to create a shoot that shows the uniqueness of the product or brand.

We want to attract attention and our styled photoshoots are designed from a moodboard, a color palette that dictates the guidelines of the project, whether elegant or extravagant. The goal of Caterina Lostia's styling is to model everything as if it were an editorial staff of a high-end fashion magazine.

Once again creativity, organization and professionalism guide us to elegant results.

How we work

Method of operation

Who might be interested in the service of Styling by Caterina Lostia?

Companies, individuals, associations, all those who wish to professionally showcase a project they care about.


Establishing goals

We meet the client in person and determine with them what goals to achieve with Caterina Lostia's Styling service.


Creating an idea

The purpose of Caterina Lostia's Styling service is to create around a product or brand an idea that is .


Identify the most suitable location

Every product or brand deserves a setting that enhances its characteristics.


Select partners

We are the ones who select suppliers and partners who can respond professionally to Styling needs.


Study and propose a moodboard

We create a moodboard that summarizes our proposals for styling, design, location, and fittings.


Select models

Who best represents the brand? We will be in charge of casting your brand's faces.


Scheduling meetings

We schedule meetings with all the experts working on the project, from staging, styling, and make-up artists to photographers and video-makers.


Timing of filming

Organization and timing are everything: Caterina Lostia's team studies timing and shooting schedule for a service without any unforeseen events.


Managing shooting-day

We will be present throughout the shoot to make sure every element is taken care of down to the smallest detail.



To emphasize your business project you can turn to Caterina Lostia and take advantage of her professionalism as Creative Director or as Photo Stylist and Creative Producer: with her team she will study for you a targeted communicational and emotional project.

Every step is taken with attention to detail to ensure you get the results you expect:

  • Selection of suppliers
  • Identification of competitors
  • Cost analysis and budget management
  • Selection of furnishings/objects
  • Cost analysis
  • Bureaucratic compliance¬†
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