Signature cocktails to personalize your destination wedding

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Once you have chosen thebride's dress, the groom's dress, the location and even the menu, all that is left to do is to focus on creating signature cocktails to personalize your destination wedding.

Every wedding menu includes white, red, and rosé wines paired with the dishes on the menu (whether you have chosen a menu to be eaten seated at the table or buffet style). For the aperitif, however, and also for the post-dinner reception, there can be no shortage of artfully crafted cocktails. At Caterina Lostia, we are wedding and party planners experienced in the meticulous organization of every detail of even destination weddings in Italy and abroad: every detail is studied to not only meet the taste of the bride and groom, but also to exceed their expectations.

Weddings planned by Caterina Lostia and her team are known for always having an offbeat creative streak and always being one different from the other.Browse through our portfolio to relive the most beautiful moments of our destination weddings in Italy and discover some of the most beautiful locations. Why not then be inspired by the themed weddings and parties we have created?

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Destination wedding, how to personalize it with cocktails

Deciding on the menu is already no small feat for the bride and groom, who must take into account many variations and offer guests menus that are not only delicious, but also suitable for children, the elderly and those on special dietary regimens. 

Also proposing cocktails as an alternative to wines and bitters is a great idea, not only to vary the proposals, but also to show your character and taste through cocktails made especially for you. Let's talk about signature cocktails to personalize your destination wedding in Italy or abroad.

Signature cocktails 

Signature cocktails are a trend that originated in the U.S. and, soon, was exported all over the world and consists of creating together with the bartender a special cocktail, tailored to the tastes and personality of the event's protagonist (in this case, the bride and groom).

By relying on a good bartender, you will be able to devise cocktails that also feature the color you have chosen for your wedding, or that trace the theme that runs throughout the event even with flavor and aroma.

As always, Caterina Lostia will be present during the test preparations of the signature cocktails and will be able to help you choose the cocktails that best represent you and fit the entire event.

We generally recommend that you choose a base alcohol, such as vodka, gin, tequila or rum, then select the flavor you like best (sweet, bitter or sour?), finally a fruit or flavor to add to the mix. 

Avoid overly complex mixes and always include a nonalcoholic alternative for children and teetotalers.

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Having signature cocktails prepared and offered to guests is a way to pleasantly surprise and also create a moment of hilarity since signature cocktails often carry a personalization of the bride and groom's names in a "drink" key.

Finding a special name is therefore the final step to give even more uniqueness to the choice made by husband and wife.

The bartender will be able to explain the ingredients of the two cocktails and prepare them in front of the guests' eyes, staging small acrobatic evolutions.

If you would like to place your trust in the capable hands of an experienced wedding planner, you can contact Caterina Lostia without obligation. After an initial cognitive appointment, she will begin to create a moodboard that can visually represent the main themes and elements of your big day. Each step of the organization will be followed with great attention to detail, always respecting your personal tastes and expectations.

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