Why choose Italy for a destination wedding

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There is one day in the life of a couple declaring eternal love that must be perfect: the wedding.

There are prospective brides and grooms who, from the very beginning, have clear ideas and know for sure the location of their destination wedding, which, more and more often, is Italy.

Choosing Italy for a destination wedding is a great move for all those couples who love art, nature, and want an out-of-the-ordinary yet romantic wedding.

In fact, our landscape offers countless ideas and manages to fulfill the desires of any couple: from the most classic and chic to the most rock and alternative.

The important thing when it comes to destination weddings is to rely on industry experts like Caterina Lostia and her team. Caterina Lostia is an experienced destination wedding planner and party stylist who has been able to bring her clients' wishes to life for years, planning every moment of the wedding in detail and organizing everything even if the couples come from far away.

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Destination wedding

A destination wedding is a wedding that is held in a location far away from where the bride and groom are from, often even in another state.

The real challenge is to find a capable destination wedding planner with a lot of experience behind him or her who can not only plan a wedding in another state, but also make it unique.

Caterina Lostia and her team have been able to show couples why choosing Italy for a destination wedding is the right choice, creating unforgettable days with breathtaking locations such as Puglia, Tuscany, Liguria, Sardinia or Sicily, but also in Torino, Venice, Milano, Firenze, Roma. You can browse Caterina Lostia's portfolio for inspiration and also discover the theme chosen by so many clients for their parties.

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Why choose Italy for a destination wedding

Why choose Italy for a destination wedding?

Choosing Italy for a destination wedding is an almost strategic move because the Bel Paese is, without a doubt, the cradle of romance and art: our territory is so diverse that it can host events with completely different moods, not to mention that every place is dotted with architecturally splendid villas, palaces and locations that immediately become perfect places to celebrate a wedding.

Thanks to the Caterina Lostia method, the bride and groom are immediately able to make themselves known and express their wishes for the wedding. This is a very important first step, which gives Caterina Lostia a way to get an idea of the style and atmosphere that will be felt throughout the event, and then it is already possible to get an idea of the perfect location for the couple. 

Being great connoisseurs of the area, Caterina Lostia's team offers a range of locations to the couple, who will be able to choose from farmhouses, villas, farms, hotels or resorts as the setting for one of the most beautiful days.

Italy, in fact, besides offering very varied landscapes such as crystal clear sea, white beaches, art cities, countryside, forests, lakes and mountains, gives the opportunity to get married inside architecturally unique structures.

Those who have always wanted to get married in a historic mansion will be satisfied, as will those who want to organize a dinner for their guests inside a museum.

Why choose Italy for a destination wedding? Finally, choosing a location in Italy for a destination wedding allows guests to take the opportunity to take a little trip to one of the most fascinating states, and on that note, don't forget the welcome bags for guests.

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You can contact Caterina Lostia without obligation and request a personalized consultation: after an initial cognitive meeting, a moodboard specifically designed to visually show the theme, colors and textures of the wedding will be created. In a second moment Caterina Lostia and her team will propose a series of locations that can meet your desires and needs.

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